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Nagalapuram is a small village located very close to Nagari and 7okms away from Tirupati.  It is 81kms away from Chennai. It is located on the Tirupati and Chennai highway.

Sri Veda Narayana Swamy Temple
Here at Nagalapuram we can see Lord Vishnu in MATHYA Avataram. It is the first of the 10 Avataras(Dasavataram). The presiding deity is Sri VedaNarayana  Perumal. The main deity is Lord Vishnu in the form of Mathya(fish) along with his consorts. Peculiar feature of the idol is it holds the Sudarsana Chakra in Prayoga i.e ready to release. The main reason for this avatar is to get back the Vedas stolen by demon.


Sri Veda Narayana Swamy Idol on Goopuram 
          For Devatas one day completes at the end of one Kalpa. One day at the end of a Kalpa Lord Brahma felt sleepy. As his eye lids are closed and his mouth opened involuntarily for a yawn, the Vedas slipped out of his mouth and demon named Somakudu stole them. Devatas prayed Lord Vishnu to get the Vedas back from the Demon. Vedas are necessary for creation. As we know by Puranas,  Pralayam occurs at the end of every Kalpa and creation is again started by Lord Brahma, it was necessary to collect all the plants, seeds, herbs and animals so that they would continue to exist in the new creation.

         According to Mathya Purana, the king of Dravidas and Devotee of Lord Vishnu, Satyavrata who was later known as Manu was offering water during Sandya Vandanam. Lord Vishnu in the form of a small fish came into his hands and pleaded to save its life. He drops it in his Kamandalam. Over night the fish became too big to be in Kamandalam. By the request of the fish he moved it in to another big bowl, but soon fish became too big for the vessel also. Then Satyavrata then left the fish in a pond but in no time the fish grew as large as pond. Satyavrata left it into a lake and fish started growing bigger and bigger. It went on asking for larger and larger space. Finally he decided to leave it into an ocean, but fish pleaded not to do so. Satyavrata got doubt how a fish can grow so big in a single day and released it is none other than Lord Vishnu in the form of fish. He prayed to Lord Vishnu and asked why he took the form of a fish. Lord Vishnu told him that Pralayam will occur soon and at that time you will see a spacious boat approaching you and also told him to collect all variety of seeds, accompanied by Seven Saints along with Serpent Vasuki and other animals.

               The fish left for fulfilling its mission. Lord Vishnu in the form of the fish killed Somakudu and brought the Vedas back and gave them to Lord Brahma to resume the creation at appropriate time. Pralayam started and ocean began rising. A boat came near them and all of them got into it, the boat was tied to a fish, s horn using Vasuki as rope. They sailed on the water through out the Pralayam. Thus Vishnu saved the mankind from dissolution. During this journey Sages and Manu asked Lord Vishnu several questions. The answers that Lord Vishnu gave form the text of MATSYA PURANAM.

Dasawatara Idols On Goopuram Of Nagalapuram
              This temple was built during the time of Sri Krishna Devraya. It is said that he named this town as Nagalapuram in memory of his mother NAGAMBA. This temple covers a very vast area. This temple is maintained by Tirumala Tirupathi Devathanam. As Lord took this form to save the Vedas, this temple is called as Veda Naraya Swamy temple and you can see many Brahmins sitting a side and reading Vedam. You can see all  Dasavataram idols on the Goopuram.

             Interesting fact of this temple is as the Lord here is facing towards west, Sun ray’s fall on the Lord during the Sunset (6pm to 6.15pm). Sunray’s fall at the feet on the first day, on the chest on the second day and on forehead on the third day. This happens once in a year, 12th, 13th, 14th days of Phalguna masam(March). Float festival is also conducted.

Fish in Nagalapuram

Recently while cleaning  the temple Tirtham they found  a rare kind of fish in the pond with different colours  .Many people came to see this miracle  as this is the temple dedicated to Mathya Avataram  .

      6 TO 6.30A.M                        SUPRABATHAM
      6.30 TO 7A.M                        TOMALA SEVA
      7.30 TO 8A.M                        SAHASRANAMARCHANA
      8 TO 10A.M                           SARVA DARSHANAM
     10 T010.30A.M                       SECOND BELL
     12 NOON                                TEERMANAMU
     4 TO 6P.M                               SARVA DARSHANAM
     6 TO 6.30P.M                          TOMALASEVA
     6.30 TO 7P.M                          RATRI KAINKARYAM
     7 TO 7.45P.M                          SARVA DARSHANAM
     7.45 TO 8P.M                          EKANTA SEVA
Entrance In To Sri Veda Narayana Swamy Temple
 The sub temples with in the temple are :
1. Sri Vedavalli Tayaru temple
2. Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple
3. Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple
4. Sri Sita Lakshmana Sametha Ramulavari Temple

1. PALLI  KONDESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE- here Lord Siva is in sleeping position on Parvati Devi’s lap. Good for compatibility of couples. It is in Suturapalli, 25kms from   Nagalapuram and near to Uttukotai
2. WALESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE: It is in Rama Giri 5kms from Nagalapuram
3. NARAYANAVANAM: Here Lord Balaji married Padmavathi Devi(Akasaraja daughter ). It is 25kms from Nagalapuram, 5kms from Puttur.

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