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           Simhachalam is an ancient temple, 11kms from Visakhapatnam. Simha means lion and Achalam means hill. Varaha Avataram came to get back the earth from demon Hiranyaksha and Narasimha Avatar came to kill demon Hiranyakasyapa, younger brother of Hiranyaksha. Lord in Simhachalam appears with the combined features of  Varaha and Narasimha avatara with face of Varaha avataram and tail of lion and human body. So lord here is known as Varaha –Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.  
             According to the wish of Prahalada, Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy appeared as a Swayambhu on this Simhagiri. He is also called as Appana. Prahlada did the first pooja here in Kruta Yugam. Later as time passed by this deity got covered with mud. One day Pururava, king of Chandravamsa and Urvasi (apsara) were going on their Vimana (like helicopter) named Somadatta, it suddenly stopped there. Urvasi came to know this is attracted by the power of Lord Narasimha. Soon Pururava got down and found the deity in an ant hill, covered by mud. He suddenly heard a voice, which told him to cover the deity with sandal paste equal to the quantity of the mud by which it is covered and remove that only on Visakha  Suddha Thadiya. Original shape of the deity can be seen only on that day. According to Puranas after killing Hiranyakashyapa, to cool down the anger of Lord Narasimha, devathas coverd him with the sandal paste. The same tradition is carried out till date in Simhachalam. This is called as  CHANDANOTSAVAM

                 On VISAKA SUDDHA THADIYA early hours say around 3P.M the sandalwood paste on the deity is removed. Raw sandal paste is kept on the head of the deity and devotees are allowed to see the Nijarupa Darshanam. Hereditary Trustee of the temple will be the first person to have darshan of the lord on this day around 4P. Thousands of pilgrims come to see Nijarupa Darshan. Sahasra Ghattabishekem is done at around 9p.m. Out of the four layers, first layer of Chandanam is applied to the deity after Ghattabishekam. This paste is prepared from the sandal wood brought from Tamailnadu. They are brought in to the Beda mantapam and there paste is prepared. 60 different Sugandha dravyas and Vanamoolikas are mixed in the paste and applied to the deity. So pilgrims wish to take the Chandanam removed from the deity. Approximately about 120kgs of Chandanam is applied to deity every time.

Second layer of Chandanam is applied on VAISAKHA PURNIMA.
Third layer on JYESHTA PURNIMA.
Fourth layer on ASHADA PURNIMA.


In side the temple 32 Pradakshinas are done by devotees.

                 In Simhachalam there is a pillar know as “KAPPA STAMBAM”. This pillar is installed on a very powerful SANTHANA GOPALA SWAMY YANTRAM, so childless couples are believed to be blessed with children if they hug this pillar and pray the Lord (for more details ask purohits in the temple). 

            Giri Pradakshina is done yearly once. Devotees go round the hill. It covers a distance of 32kms.

Contact Details

Phone Number : 0891-2715264,271503,2715262,2715242
Pincode - 530028

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