Thursday, 22 March 2012


              Jambavathi, Sathyabhama sametha Sri Krishna temple is in MANNARU POLURU, in nellore district. It is 3kms from Sullurpeta. You can find about this temple in BRAHMANDA PURANA. This is the place where Lord Sri Krishna fought with Jambavantha for Samanthakamani, So it got the name “Malla Hari Poru Vuru”(means place where Lord Hari did malla yudham, atype of fight). As time passed by name got changed as Mannarpoluru. This is the only temple in India dedicated to Jambavthi, Sathyabhama and Krishna.


           As we all know Satrajit got Samanthakamani from Surya Bhagavan god. It gives 8 bara’s gold daily. Lord Sri Krishna asked Satrajit to give this mani to him to serve the people, but Satrajit refused. After some days Satrajit’s brother Prasanajit wore that mani as a locket of his chain and went into the forest for hunting. While hunting he was attacked by a lion. It killed him and fled with the Samanthakamani. Later it was killed by Jambavantha and he took the mani and gave it to his daughter Jambavathi. The disappearance of Prasanajit became public and Lord Krishna was blamed for it.
          In order to prove his innocence, he went in to the forest to the place where Prasanajit dead body was found. There he found the foot steps of a lion he followed them and there he saw the body of a lion and foot steps of Jambavantha, followed them and reached a cave. In the cave he found a girl playing with the Samanthakamani. There he was obstructed by Jambavantha and they were engaged in a furious fight for 28days, Jambavantha gradually became weak and realises that Lord Krishna is none other than Lord Rama and asks Lord Krishna to forgive him and asked him to marry his daughter Jambavathi. This fight took place in MANNAR POLLURU.

           This temple is built by Chola king in 10th century. This temple is in glory at the time of King Manuma Siddhi, who ruled Nellore in 13th century. In 18th century Venkatagiri raja gave 5 villages as Manyam(gift) to the temple.
           In this temple we can find 9 feet big Garuda statue, 9.5 feet Jambavantha statue, statues of Sugriva and Jatayuvu are also found here. We can find Lord Rama temple also here in the compound. It has separate Dwajasthaba and separate Balipeetam.

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