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The Four Idols In AnandaNilayam, Tirumala Tirupati

                In the Garbalayam (ANANDANILAYAM) of TIRUMALA TIRUPATI there are four more idols apart from main deity. I would like to publish  information about them in this post.


The main deity in the AnandaNilayam (Garbagriha) stands in a veerastana posture. It is called as DHRUVABERAM.This is the idol which we all see in the garbalayam. The idol stands majaestically to a height of 8 feet, in the centre of the sanctum directly beneath a golden gopuram called as ANANDA NILAYAM divya vimana. It is a swayambu .We can’t find Sridevi and Bhudevi beside him. Only because of his powers entire temple gets the power.MAKARAKANTI HARAM(chain) decorated to the main deity is decorated to malayappa swamy on  5th day of Brahmaosthavam i.e on the day of GARUDA SEVA .Devotees believe it is good  if the  sun rays falling on this haram(chain) made of diamonds and rubies  reflect on them .


This is a silver deity. According to the records it is donated by Pallava queen, Samavayi in 614A.D. She also gave 52 ornaments along with this deity. It is also called as BHOGA SRINIVASA. According to Agama Sastra, DHRUVA BERAM in any temple will have a Kouthukaberam. It is also called as BHOGA SRINIVASA. Daily DEEPARADHANA, PRASADAM, ABISHEKAM, EKANTASEVA etc are done to this BHOGA SRINIVASA. Abishekam is done to DHRUVA BERAM only on Fridays.This deity is always placed near the left foot of moolavar .On Wednesdays SAHASRA KALASABHISEKAM is done. During this abishekam this deity is connected to the main deity by a Pattu(Silk) thread. This deity is always placed to 45 degrees to the devotees who come to see the lord. This is because this tiny deity holds a PRAYOGA CHAKRA (ready to strike).


Apart from DHRUVA BERAM, the idol of UGRA SRINIVASA is the oldest idol in the temple. It was used as Utsava Murti till 11th century. It is called as SNAPANA BERAM. Once during the procession of this idol, fire accident took palce. They recognized this as UGRA SRINIVASA. Apart from other deities this deity will be alaong with Sridevi & Bhudevi. This deity is taken as procession decorated by all ornaments once in a year and brought back to Garbalaya before Sunrise.


 MALAYAPPA SWAMY is the current Utsava Murti. He is along with Sridevi & Bhudevi. This deity is called as UTSAVA BERAM. It is also a Swayambu. It was found in 1339A.D. MALAYAPPA SWAMY idol is found in the pit in Malayappa Kona today this place is called as Thumbura Theertha Kona. All processions and Utsavas are done to MALAYAPPA  SWAMY. It is 3 feet height. When fire accident occurred in UGRA SRINIVAS procession, Srinvasa appeared in the dream of a devotee stating that Ugra Srinivas needs to be replaced by a new deity which will be found in the glades of the mountain. This MALAYAPPA Murti was found in the same place heard in the dream. 


Another small deity present in the garbalayam is BALI BERAM. It is also called as KOLUVU SRINIVASA.After performing thomala seva to the main deity, KOLUVU SRINIVASA is brought into the Astana Mandapam. In Astana Mandapam daily panchangam details of that day are read. Income of the previous day is also explained to the lord.

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