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Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple, Kotipalli




Kotipalli is 11kms from Draksharamam. It is popularly known as Chaaya Someswara Swamy temple. There are many other idols in the temple premises. They are

1. Sri Bhudevi, Sridevi Sametha Sri Siddi Janardha Nalayam.
2. Uma Sametha Kooteswara Swamy.
3. Sri Rajarajeswari Sametha Chaaya Someswara Swamy.
4. KalabhiravAlayam.
5. Navagraha Sametha Parvathi Mruthyunjayalayam.

                                 SRI SIDDHI JANARDHANA SWAMY

Kotipalli Temple Outer View

                   When Bali Chakravarthi conquered Indraloka, Lord Indra along with Kasyapa Maharishi came to this Kotitheertha ( Kotipalli ) where Lord Vishnu was performing penance (tapasyaa). Kasyapa Maharishi praised Lord Vishnu in many ways.Lord Vishnu was pleased by Kasyapa Maharishi and gave him a boon (Vara) that he will be born as a child to Kasyapa Maharishi and Adithi.

                  Lord Vishnu took birth as Vamanamurthy and he asked Balichakravarthy 3 vara’s. In this process he took entire universe (Visvam) from Balichakravarthy as Daanam and gave it to Devathas. He came back to Kottitheertha ( Kotipalli ) to do penance(tapasyaa). Kasyapa Maharishi praised this Kshetra as a Siddhi Ksetra and installed Sri Sridevi, bhudevi Sametha Janardhana Swamy. All the wishes of the devotees will be fulfilled in this Siddhi Janardha Swamy Kshetra.

                                            SRI KOOTESWARA SWAMY

                  The history behind this temple is related to Ahalya and Indra saapa Vimochanam. This old legend occurs in the grand epic Ramayana. Ahalya is wife of Gowtama Maharishi.

                 Once Lord Indra fell fond of Ahalya. He played a play and diverted Gowthama Rishi. In the disguise of Gowtama Rishi he led Ahalya in his embrace (aaliGgana). When Gowthama Rishi came back, then Ahalya realised that she was cheated by someone in the disguise of Gowtama Rishi. By seeing Gowtama Rishi, Lord Indra changed into cat and was trying to go away through window, Rishi saw him. 

                Gowtama Mahrishi got angry and cursed Lord Indra and Ahalya. Ahalya asked him to forgive her as she did not do it wantingly and she was cheated. Gowtama Mahrishi was then pleased and said she will get saapa vimochana when Lord Srirama’s feet touches her. As we all know Ahalya immediately turned into rock and she got saapavimachana when Lord Rama came here on his way to Midhila. 

                 Lord Indra was cursed with a life of disease. Lord Indra also felt bad and asked to forgive him. Gowtama Maharishi told him to go to Kotitheertha, take bath in Gowtama River and perform poojas to Sri Bhudevi, Sridevi Sametha Sri Siddhi Janardhana Swamy. Lord Indra installed SivaLinga on the name of Kooteeswara and performed penance (tapasyaa) there to get saapa vimachana. Lord Indra did so and got rid of the curse.

                Those who visit Kooteeswara Swamy will get the fruits of visiting 1 crore Rudras (Lord Siva) at a time. So this Kshetra is called as Kotirudra. It is called as Indra Theertha. It is believed that any pooja or any charity made here will be multiplied by 1 crore

               Miracle in this Kshetra is water will be present near this Kooteswara Linga through out the year.


                Lord Chandra was fond of Tara, wife of his guru. Due to his mistake he got tuberculosis and lost his original grace (chaaya) in his face, then he realised his mistake and did penanace (tapasyaa) for Lord Vishnu. 

                Lord Vishnu was pleased and told him to go to Kotitheertha, take a bath in Gowtama River and perform poojas to him and Kooteeswara Swamy in Kotitheertha and install Sri Parvathi Sahitha Someswara Swamy (Siva Linga) on the name of Lord Chandra. Chandra did so and got rid of his curse and got his Chaaya back. So this Siva Lingam is called as Chaaya Someswara Linga.

             ChaayaSomeswara Swamy SivaLingam is very small, you would rarely see such small SivaLingam.

             Rajarajeswari Devi is also present in this temple.Kumkuma pooja is performed here.

                                            KALABHAIRAVA SWAMY
              There is separate shrine for KalaBhairavaSwamy in this temple. Due to the presence of Kooteswara Swamy, poojas  performed to Navagrahas and  Kalabhairava Swamy in this shrine will be more effective.
              Anjaneya Swamy is also present in this temple. 


              In this Kshetra devotees perform Laksha Bilvarchana to Someswara Swamy, Kumkum poojas  to Rajarajeswari Devi and Tulasi pooja to Sri Bhudevi, Sridevi Sametha Sri Siddhi Janardhana Swamy. Ekadasa Rudrabishekam is also performed.


1. Kalyanam is perfomed on Vysaka Shuddha Ekadasi

2. Devi Navaratrulu during Dasara

3. Thoppachavam during Karteeka Masam

4. Jvala Thoranam on Karteeka Purnima

5. Laksha Patri Pooja and Koti Deevaradhana on Mahasivaratri


Somagundam is present in this temple. Taking bath in it is believed auspicious.


Sri SomeswaraSwamy Vari Devesthanam,
K.Gangavaram Mandal (Pamarru Mandal),
East godavari District-533306

                                                 NEAR BY TEMPLES

Muramalla temple (Badrakali Sametha Veereswara Swamy) is 38 km from here.

I will Publish the details of Muramalla in my coming posts.



Anonymous said...

I visited this temple on 6th of this month . i really liked one priest making all of us to sit and listen to the sthalapurans and taking a collective attitude. many of our temples miss this type of guidance . i bow to them kksyamala

Neelima said...

Thanks for sharing your experience syamala

RaJesh T said...

Wanted to visit this temple. Does this temple has vigneswara idol in the premises to perform pooja? Also do publish temple administration contact number please

RaJesh T said...

Thanks for sharing valuable information. This temple has vigneshwara alayam to perform pooja? Please publish temple administration number once

Neelima said...

We don't have the temple administration phone number.We tried for it but could not get it.

murali krishna said...

please give the temple contact no
and ekadasa rudrabhishekam pooja information
i will come 22-03-2015
any alternative

RaJesh T said...

You can reach temple eo at this number 81 25 174686

Neelima said...

thanks rajesh garu

Debosmita Roy said...

Amazing post on Someswara temple and various other temples , near Bhimavaram. Its an amazing experience to be in Bhimavaram. It one of the major pilgrimage centers and there are many places to visit in Bhimavaram, major attraction being Somarama Temple.

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